Be Professional While Looking for Position

Make sure you use a professional email address like, first name.last Not your everyday cutesy one that you might use for family and friends.

On your voice mail, be sure it’s clear and simple, like, “hi you have reached Jane Doe at 515.249.xxxx, please leave a message and I’ll return your call asap.

Always answer your phone professional too, especially if/when you are applying for positions. When calling back or answering your phone, be sure it’s in a quiet area or be able to get to a quieter area. Make sure you keep notes on who you are working with by at least jotting down their name(s) and company name. Save the companies’ phone number in your phone. That way you know who is calling you and save the embarrassment of calling the phone number to find out, hanging up after use realize it who called. We see that!

Be sure you read your email(s) and any information they have sent to you. Save into a folder, which way you can reference back as a reminder. A great way to help organized your job search.