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Wow Where do I start!! Thanks so much for helping me and putting a word out there to help me find a position that will fit my school sched. I know this is a temp to hire position and I’m determined to make it happen and have you be the company that helps me start a potential career path for me. Thank you for all your help. You guys worked so fast for me and left me with nothing but a smile.


I have never been happier in a job. Everyone is amazing and I’ve made many, many friends. Thank you and the Midwest staff for recommending me for this position.

Doctor's Office - Norwalk, Iowa

Over the last week I have worked closely with Midwest Professional Staffing on finding an employee for my office. I only had a short period of time to find a replacement, and you worked diligently to fill that need. I was also working with two other staffing services, and between the two Midwest Professional Staffing called me back the fastest, gave me the most applicants to choose from, and was the most professional. It was a pleasure working with Midwest Professional Staffing, and I will use them again in the future.

John - Des Moines manufacturing company

We really appreciate all you do to help us with our permanent and temporary staffing needs. Looking forward to a continueing strong business relationship with the Midwest team.



I saw your message in my Yahoo account. Since I have started here I have been meaning to send you a huge THANK YOU and also reach out and say hello! Obviously, I haven’t done so so I apologize. Things at are great. Very busy! I am still learning and getting my feet wet but it is a great fit for me and I am really looking forward to being here for many years to come…and what a fun environment! I am sorry I missed you last month. Hopefully if you stop by again, I will be in!

I really appreciate your help in finding this job. I just knew it was a great fit and feel very lucky to be here. You were amazing to work with and I truly appreciate all your help! Hopefully, I’ll see you soon! Thanks again!

Ryan - Des Moines manufacturing company

We appreciate greatly all you have done and will continue to do to help us maintain a great group of professionals.