Financial advisors may tell you that the best approach to saving for retirement or investment strategy would be to have a diversified portfolio of assets that will help you reach your goals.  A similar approach should be adopted as you embark on your job search strategy.  Don’t rely too heavily on one job search approach but instead utilize many different resources to help you generate more interviews and ideally land the new job of your dreams.  Online job boards, career fairs, friends, family, networking events, company databases, and recruiters are just a handful of useful options you have in a job hunt.   The purpose of this post will be to highlight and educate you on the role of a recruiter during your job search and why they are a valuable asset to companies and candidates alike.

What is a Recruiter?

A recruiter’s role is to help companies fill open positions.  Typically they are paid by a particular company who has recruitment needs or they work for staffing agencies that have clients who need to fill positions.

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