Midwest Professional Staffing is a positive, high-energy staffing firm dedicated to finding you a great position to start your career. We offer temporary, temporary to hire, or direct hire opportunities in the areas of accounting and office administration. Contact us today to see what positions we have available!

What type of assignments do we offer?

Temporary assignments are contracts which can be short-term (1-2 days) or long-term (3-6 months). If you have completed your temporary assignment with no attendance or behavior issues, we will assist you with finding your next assignment.

Temporary to hire assignments are contracts that have the potential for permanent hire with the company. If the company feels like you would be a good fit, they will hire you on as their permanent employee. If there are no attendance or behavior issues but the assignment just wasn’t a good fit for you or the client, we will assist you with finding your next assignment.

Direct hire assignments are assignments that allow you as the candidate to be hired on with our client permanently right away with no contract or trial period.

How does it work?

Once you apply for or show interest in one of our jobs, we will reach out to you to talk about your career search. A quick phone screen allows us to get an idea of what you’re looking for and how we can best help you. During that phone screen, we will schedule a time for you to come to our office and interview with one of our recruiters. All of our candidates are required to take a few online tests to assess your typing, data entry, and general computer skills. These can be completed before the interview at home or the day of your interview in our office.

When you come in for the interview, our recruiter will talk with you about what positions you are interested in, what positions you are qualified for, and other requirements like pay, location, hours, etc. Your recruiter will learn all the necessary details about your career search and will be dedicated to finding you a position that is the right fit.

When your recruiter finds a position that fits the guidelines you setup with him/her, they will call to talk through the details of the job. If you decide that you would like to be considered for the position, your resume will be submitted to our client. After reviewing your resume, if our client decides that you are a potential, viable candidate, we will contact you about the next steps. Some of our clients require a phone interview, in-person interview, or additional assessments, and these next steps will all be facilitated by our dedicated recruiters and staffing managers.

Once we have placed you in a position, your recruiter will continually follow up with you to make sure you are enjoying your assignment and there are no issues. In the meantime, any time you have questions, concerns or issues, feel free to reach out to your recruiter so we can assist you as much as possible.