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What type of opportunities do we offer?

Temporary opportunities

Temporary opportunities are contracts that have an end date, which can be short-term (1 day to a couple of weeks) or long-term (6 months to 1 year). The purpose of these could be to fill in for someone on leave or assist with projects or short-term needs of the client.

Temporary-to-Hire Opportunities

Temp-to-hire opportunities are meant for you, as the employee, to be hired on full-time at the end of the contract. The contract is usually 3-6 months, then, at that time, the client will decide if they want to bring you on full-time, based on if it’s a good fit for both you and them. Once hired on full-time by the client, you are eligible for their payroll and benefits.

Direct-Hire Opportunities

Direct hire placements allow you as the candidate to be hired on with our client permanently right away with no contract or trial period.

How does it work?

We pride ourselves on making and maintaining connections with candidates to assist in finding the best employment opportunity that best suits their needs. We treat each individual with respect and the upmost care and consideration of their specific situation. Here’s how the process works…


Meet with a Recruiter

To start off your search, we would have you come into our office and meet with one of our recruiters. The interview takes about 30 minutes, in which the recruiter will go over your past experience, skills and what you’re looking to do next. From there, we would discuss any current openings we have that meet your criteria and that you are qualified for. If we don’t have anything right away, we will keep you in mind and run jobs past you as they open up.


Submission and Interview

Once you decide that you are interested in an open position we have, we will submit your resume to the client for you. If the client is interested in setting up an interview to meet you, we would coordinate that with both of you. We will help prepare and answer any questions prior to your interview with the client.


Job Offer

After you interview with the client, if they wish to extend an offer for the position, we will get in touch with you to discuss pay, a start date and new hire paperwork and screening. If they do not want to extend an offer, we would let you know they’ve chosen another candidate at that time and we would move on to other opportunities.



Once you’re placed in a position with us, we will follow up regularly to see how your opportunity is going, and we are always here to answer questions as they come up! Your recruiter will be your main point of contact for any questions, comments or concerns.



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