To shed some light on how the current crop of presidential candidates got to where they are today, we took a trip down memory lane.

The 2016 presidential election has had us on the edge of our seats for the last several months – and the debates so far have left us participating in a lot of “When __ says __, drink some beer” games.

In honor of presidents past, we decided to find out how these candidates got to where they are today. Where did their careers begin that led them on the path to the (potential) presidency? We did a little digging, and we found that many of them started in the legal realm (which shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who’s watched or heard some of the recent heated exchanges taking place among candidates). We also found that many candidates go by their nicknames, rather than their birth names (what’s up with that?)

Below are the first jobs of each candidate post-college, as well as an interesting job-related fact about each contender.

After all, getting to know your potential future POTUS and making an informed decision involves getting to know a bit about their history, doesn’t it?

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