Whether you are attending a job fair, a career networking event or meeting a contact one-on-one, it’s a good idea to have a job search focused business card, so it’s easy for people you meet to follow up with you.

What to Include on Your Business Card

Today’s job seekers have the opportunity to present more than just the basic contact information traditionally included with business cards. Of course, your name, job title, employer, cell phone number and email address should be included.

If you use a two-sided card, you will be able to include additional information and avoid cluttering the front of the card.

Be Sure to Include Links

Incorporating the address of your LinkedIn Profile provides the opportunity to showcase additional accomplishments and recommendations. A link to a business-oriented personal website can also be used to convey professional information.

For many career fields, a link to a portfolio site can be an effective way to showcase designs, writing or other projects which will prove to prospective employers that you have the right stuff for your target job.

Consider Adding a Tag Line

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