How to Make Sure Employers Don’t Penalize You

Is there anything more unfair feeling than being overqualified for a job? Why should you be punished for being too good?! But if you think about it from an employer’s perspective, it makes sense: An overqualified candidate may not want to linger long at a position, and employers like to avoid turnover.

Find out more about why employers avoid hiring overqualified candidates, and how to adjust your resume to make it clear that you are interested in the position over the long haul.

Why Is Being Overqualified a Problem?

Here are some of the main reasons why employees shy away from hiring candidates that appear overqualified:

  • They’re worried you’ll be bored: Companies want to hire people who will stick around and enjoy their day-to-day work. If you are overqualified, hiring managers may be concerned that you’ll get bored, and leave for an opportunity that uses your full talents.
  • Or that you’re after the job as a temporary measure: If you’ve been unemployed for a while, employers may think that you just want to get a job — any job — on your resume, and that the position is intended to parlay yourself into a full-time job that you’re better suited for. As with the concern about boredom, here employers’ main worry is that you only want the job as a stepping-stone to something better.

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