6 Things Every New College Graduate Should Do

If you’re about to graduate from college or have recently graduated, congratulations! For many, college graduation marks a major transition into adulthood and the world of post-graduate employment and a new phase of personal finance. Though it is not true that every decision you make in your twenties will have lasting effects on the course of your adult life, there are some that have bigger implications than others, and many of those decisions will be financial ones. So as a free graduation gift, here is some of the best financial advice for new graduates we could find.

Best Financial Advice for New College Graduates

  1. The Higher Paying Job Isn’t Always the Best Job: If as a college graduate you’ve chosen your desired career path, remember that a lower-paying entry job in your desired field is likely to be a better deal in the long run than a higher-paying job in a field you have no long-term interest in. Accepting a job in an unrelated field simply because it pays more can either delay your career progress or worse, trap you in a field of work that may not make you happy.

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