What are the best jobs for someone just starting their career? The answer is that it depends. One size obviously doesn’t fit all when it comes to what is considered a “best” job. It’s very personal.

The Best Entry Level Job for You

The best entry level job for you will depend on your unique combination of interests, skills, values, personality traits, and goals. The level of education that you have attained or plan to acquire is another important factor.  The best jobs for individuals with a high school, college or professional degree will all vary.

Jobs That Start You Up the Career Ladder

In general, good entry level jobs will provide a springboard to more responsible, satisfying or lucrative positions along your career path. When considering entry level job offer, it is critical to ask yourself what skills you will acquire in that role, what interests you will test and who you will meet and impress.

Part of defining the best entry level job for you is knowing the type of organizational culture that fits your style.

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