Tips for Acing a Second Interview

When you get an email or call to schedule a second interview, it’s just as important to take the time to prepare for this interview as it was for your first one. That’s because your second interview could be the one that gets you a job offer.

Here’s how to handle a second interview including second interview tips and advice, second interview questions and answers, questions to ask the interviewer, and how to follow up after a second interview.

Businesswoman interviewing man (focus on woman) - Stephen Derr / The Image Bank / Getty Images
Stephen Derr / The Image Bank / Getty Images

Second Interview Tips

You passed the first interview with flying colors and you just got a call to schedule a second interview. What happens next? How can you use a second interview as a means to get a job offer? It’s important to be aware that the company is seriously interested in you, or they wouldn’t have called. You are definitely in contention for the job! Here are suggestions on how to use your second job interview to help secure an offer. More »

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