Should you apply for a job that you’re not, or only somewhat, qualified for? Job seekers often wonder whether it makes sense to apply for jobs when they don’t possess most or all of the qualifications. Sometimes, it makes sense to give it a try. In other cases, you may want to save your time and spend it applying for jobs that are a better fit.

What to Consider Before You Apply

Although there is no one answer that fits all candidates and all situations, there is some general advice worth considering before you start applying for jobs that may not be a strong match for your qualifications.

You Don’t Know Who Else Applied

Candidates can never know who the competition is for a particular position.  Employers share the ideal qualifications in job postings, but don’t always receive applications from people who meet all the requirements.

You may be as qualified as everyone else who applied, which will give you a chance of getting selected for an interview.

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