Most hiring managers integrate at least a few behavioral questions into each interview. Behavioral questions typically revolve around requests by the interviewer for specific examples of how candidates have exhibited certain key traits or skills.

Employers who employ this approach are looking for concrete evidence that applicants possess the qualities which they believe will lead to success in the target job.

How to Answer Behavioral Interview Questions

Interviewers will pose questions like: “Can you give me an example of how you motivated an underperforming subordinate to increase her productivity?” or “Describe a time when you implemented a new program which was successful.” They are looking for a detailed explanation of how you accomplished results in your answer.

What You Will Be Asked

It’s impossible for candidates to anticipate all possible behavioral questions prior to an interview. However, a careful analysis of the requirements of your target jobs and preparation of personal success stories will help position you to excel when confronted with these types of questions.

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