Everyone knows that it’s important to wear appropriate attire to your interview, but your accessories matter, too. How you accessorize is important.

How to Choose the Right Accessories for Your Job Interview

When wearing accessories to an interview, less is more. It’s important not to overdo the accessories – you don’t want to make too much of an impression. It’s also important to choose accessories that will enhance your interview attire – not overwhelm it.

Keep the cologne and perfume to a minimum, maintain a professional hairstyle and if applicable, natural makeup, and don’t overdo the jewelry. Here’s more on how to choose interview accessories.

Women should avoid dangling earrings and arms full of bracelets, and men should wear little or no jewelry other than a watch and/or wedding band. No jewelry is better than cheap or loud jewelry. When it comes to piercings and tattoos, depending on where you are interviewing, you may want to consider covering your tattoos and taking out your rings.

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