Tips for Comparing Job Benefit Plans When Evaluating Job Offers

Employer benefits packages are often overlooked by job searchers. Once you have found your dream job or your dream salary, the questions pretty much stop there.

But what if you are considering more than one job offer, or deciding whether to leave your current job for a lateral move? In those cases, employer benefits may factor heavily into your decision.

What Benefit Packages Include

Benefits packages, including health insurance, retirement plans, vacation and sick leave, and life and disability insurance can represent up to 30 percent of your compensation.

How to Compare Employer Benefits Packages

Great benefits can help increase job satisfaction and can help you make or save more money over time. Here’s what to pay attention to when comparing employer benefits.

Retirement plan. There are different types of retirement plans, and companies may offer a combination that includes more than one. You can start to evaluate them by defining your terms.

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