Employers will usually only spend a few seconds deciding if you are a good enough fit for a job to warrant a more thorough review of your resume and cover letter, so you need to make sure that it is immediately obvious that you have many of the skills, experiences and qualities that they value most highly.

Tips for Matching Your Qualifications to a Job

It’s also important to focus on your most relevant skills and strengths when interviewing. The closer your match to the position, the better your chances of job search success.

Analyze the Job Listing

Job postings are typically broken out into several sections. Expect to see information about the company, details on the desired qualifications of applicants and a description of the responsibilities involved in the role. Some are brief, others include more details about the job and the company.

Take the time to review the job posting, so you are familiar with what the employer wants. Here’s how to decode a job advertisement, so you can decide whether to apply and start work on your resume and cover letter.

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