The Soft Skills Most Employers Seek

When applying for a job, many people tend to emphasize their hard skills – the specific knowledge and abilities required for a particular job. These are typically skills that can be clearly defined and measured.

However, when you’re seeking employment, your soft skills can be as important as the hard skills that are required to achieve success on the job. Soft skills are much more difficult to define and measure – they are the interpersonal or “people” skills that help you to successfully interact with others in the workplace.

Companies seek candidates with both types of skills when hiring for most positions. That’s because if you can’t get along with others, don’t have a positive attitude, can’t work well as part of a team, and aren’t able to think creatively and critically, it may not matter how talented you are., the leading job site, has shared the most valuable soft skills for job seekers and employees.

Top 7 Soft Skills Employers Want

Here are the top seven most important soft skills to have for both interviewing and in the workplace, from Indeed’s Director of Recruiting, Mike Steinerd:

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