FiveYou didn’t get the job. All factors point to you being the perfect candidate for the job too, which can be the most angering of the job-search process.

You have the right experience, exude leadership talent, possess above-average interview skills—but you didn’t get the job. It’s likely that even if you ask the recruiter or interviewer you won’t get an entirely truthful answer as to why you weren’t their top choice.

Here are 5 Most Common Reasons You Didn’t Get the Job:

1. Qualifications. Employers are inundated with well-qualified candidates.

That means there are a large number of qualified executives that are eliminated. Although you may think you’re the best candidate, you may not be the best. Executive job seekers can sometimes over-assess their match to the company’s needs. Remember, you are on the outside looking in and generally don’t have the inside perspective.

2. Poor interview. This can be construed in a multitude of ways. You didn’t answer questions clearly, or didn’t seem prepared, or didn’t make eye contact.

The interviewer is looking at a candidate’s body language, verbiage, processing, and reading between the lines of what is said and not said. If you are not able to make a compelling case during the interview about your qualifications for the job, the interviewer may not see it either.