A follow-up or thank you after the interview can go a long way. Here’s how to write a great one.

After a lengthy search process, countless resumes, cover letters and applications, you finally landed an interview with a great company. And better still, it seemed to go really well. Nothing to do now but kick back and wait to hear back from them, right?

Not if you’re serious about getting that job. There’s still one more thing you can do to really set yourself apart in the employer’s mind – follow up. Not sure how to do it? Here are some tips to make sure your follow-up hits the right note.

Actually do it

First and foremost, actually follow up! Employers like to see genuine interest from candidates, and following up after the interview is a great way to communicate your enthusiasm and make a lasting impression.

However, while enthusiasm for the job is great, be careful not to overdo it. A simple written thank-you message – through email or the post office – goes a long way. If you don’t hear back after a few days, one more follow-up, whether via email or a phone call, should be enough to find out where you stand. If they still don’t get in touch with you after that, it’s time to move on.


A well-timed follow-up can not only express your excitement about the job, but also keep your name fresh in the interviewer’s mind during the decision-making process. In general, it’s best not to rush a follow-up. An emailed thank-you from the parking lot may seem overbearing or disingenuous.

It’s a good idea to ask what their timeline is before the leaving the interview. This will help you feel out the right timing for your follow up. Try to follow up a few days before the interviewer says they’ll be contacting you. If you don’t hear back from them by the time they stated, feel free to follow up again. The key is balance where you can make sure you stay in the interviewer’s mind without becoming annoying.

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