Review these tips for mid-career job searchers

Job searching mid-career is different than when you first enter the workplace. Many aspects are easier — as a mid-career applicant, you can point to a body of work or a track record to help support your candidacy for a position. You’re flush with examples when it comes to answering questions about past triumphs and how you’ve tackled difficult colleagues or situations.

Successful Strategies for Mid-Career Job Searches

The flip side to this mid-career advantage: Being in the middle isn’t always easy (just ask any middle child you know!). A mid-career candidate is too advanced for an entry-level job, but lacks the necessary qualifications for a senior level role. This can make finding a position harder, since you have to target your job search so precisely. Here, you’ll find recommendations to help make your mid-career job search a success and land the right job for this stage of your career.

Know What You Want, and Target Good Matches

Early in your career, flexibility may have been a guiding force — you may have applied to jobs in several cities, and been open to working all sorts of hours.