Decode the Words and Phrases Commonly Seen in Job Descriptions

Look at enough job advertisements, and you’ll grow familiar with a set of commonly used buzzwords. Are you a “self-starter”? A “ninja”? Are you “dynamic” and “detail-oriented,” with “a good sense of humor” and an ability to “multitask”? The jargon can begin to melt together, and seem meaningless.

These phrases are repeated so frequently because it’s hard to encapsulate a job, company, and desired qualities of an employee in a short space. But don’t dismiss buzzy keywords just because of overuse – the words and phrases in job ads can provide much insight into the role, culture, expectations, and company.

Job Posting Buzzwords: A – Z List

Review this A to Z list of frequently mentioned job post jargon to help decode what the phrases mean, why they were included, and how to tailor your application and interview answers to fit.

Communication skills: Very often written as “strong communication skills,” including this phrase means the job requires interpersonal skills, and the ability to speak and write clearly.

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