Are you wondering why you haven’t been contacted for a job interview?  Waiting for an email or a call from an employer to schedule an interview and wondering why you haven’t been selected can be the most vexing part of the job search process.

It’s especially tough when you have applied for a job where it appears that you’re a perfect match for the position. Why weren’t you picked?

When Your Qualifications Don’t Measure Up

There can be a myriad of reasons why you haven’t been called.  Sometimes there are limitations in your qualifications or flaws in how you have presented your candidacy.  In other cases, you might be up against strong competition or an internal candidate.

When Your Qualifications Have Nothing To Do With It

On the other hand, it might have nothing to do with you or the other applicants. An unforeseen change in circumstances impacting the readiness for an employer to hire could be the reason that no candidates are being called in for an interview at the given point in time.

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