Find out how CareerBuilder is helping to ensure that job seekers have more transparency into the application and hiring process.

Today’s consumers have come to expect a certain type of experience when making an online transaction. Online merchants have stepped up their game when it comes to communication to provide a more transparent marketplace from which consumers can purchase products and services.

For example, if someone buys an item from virtually any retailer – from Amazon to Etsy – they’ll get a notification when the product has been shipped and can track it along its journey. If they order a pizza from Dominos, they can follow it as it’s being made and when it’s out for delivery. If they request an Uber, they’ll receive driver and vehicle details and can track its arrival on a map.

Yet, when it comes to the online job search, the experience can be drastically different.

When job seekers apply to jobs online, oftentimes their application materials fall into a “black hole,” with no indication of whether or not they’ve been viewed or are of interest to the employer. In fact, a 2015 CareerBuilder study found that more than half of employers (52 percent) respond to less than half of the candidates who apply to their jobs. The most job seekers will usually get is an autoreply from the company notifying them their application has been received.

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