What is the best way to email your resume and cover letter to an employer? In most cases, it is not up to you. Most companies have specific guidelines for how they want to receive job application materials. Some employers want to receive your applications online, and others want your materials by postal mail. What’s most important is to follow the instructions in the job posting.

Below are some tips on how to email a resume and cover in a variety of formats.

How to Email a Resume

Some employers ask job applicants to email them a copy of their resume. What’s the best way to send them?

Usually, the company will want your resume sent as an attachment with an email message and sent in specific format, typically as a Microsoft Word document or as a PDF.

Many companies as for your application materials to be saved as Word (.doc) documents because that is what most companies use. File, Save As, should be an option in your program if you don’t have Microsoft Word on your computer.

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