A skill set is a particular category of skills or abilities necessary to perform a job. Examples of specific skill sets include human relations, research and planning, leadership, management, and computer skills.

Read below for information on types of skill sets, and how to match your skill sets to particular job requirements.

What Types of Skill Sets Are There?

There are multiple types of skill sets.

For example, skill sets can be considered soft or hard.

Soft skills are interpersonal, or people, skills. They are difficult to quantify, and relate to a person’s personality and ability to work with others. Soft skills include communication, critical thinking, and conflict resolution, among others.

Hard skills are quantifiable and teachable; they include specific knowledge and abilities required for a job. Examples of hard skills include computer programming, accounting, mathematics, and data analysis.

Here’s more information on the difference between hard skills and soft skills.

There are also job specific and transferable skill sets. Transferable skills and skill sets are those that can apply to many different career fields. These include soft skills like critical thinking and problem solving.

Job specific skill sets are those necessary for a particular job. For example, a hair stylist must know hair-coloring techniques, a clerk must have payroll skills, and a nutritionist must have diet management knowledge.

Here is a list of job specific employment skills for many different occupations.

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