If you have the Monday blues, here are some strategies to make Mondays less awful.

Americans may never completely agree on their choice of president or whether Rory should end up with Dean, Logan or Jess (Jess, all the way), but if there’s one thing that unites us all, it’s our hatred for Mondays.

If you’ve ever experienced the “Monday Blues,” rest assured you are far from alone. Unfortunately, we need Mondays because that’s when “The Bachelor” comes on, so Mondays are never going to go away. But there are a few ways to make Mondays a little less dreadful.Follow these strategies:

  1. Work ahead on Friday. One of the reasons people dread Mondays is because they anticipate all the work they are coming back to. You can alleviate some of this anxiety by putting in a little extra work on Friday and taking care of some of your usual Monday morning duties ahead of time.
  2. Plan something fun for Monday evening. Plan something enjoyable to do after work on Monday. Schedule a massage for yourself, make reservations at a new restaurant or make plans to see a movie with friends. Giving yourself something to look forward to will fill your day with a sense of anticipation and excitement – as opposed to dread and foreboding.
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