Whether the real unemployment rate is as low as the government says it is or much, much higher because it still refuses to count those who have given up looking for work, companies all across the land are STILL having a hard time finding qualified candidates to fill their open jobs, and many job seekers are STILL having a hard time finding the job of their dreams.

There are definitely plenty of opportunities out there, and there are plenty of job seekers, but the two just aren’t always matching up.

Of course, that’s where we staffing agencies are supposed to come in, and in many cases we do, but as good as we are at this stuff we have our challenges too. In fact, Haley Marketing’s just-released “Sales, Marketing & Recruiting Survey Insights Report,” obtained from their survey of several hundred staffing firms, found the “ability to find candidates with the skills and experience employers require is, not surprisingly, the biggest recruiting challenge cited. Nearly 30% of respondents rate ‘skill gap‘ as ‘extremely challenging.'”

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