Get the inside scoop on office expectations.

Administrative Assistants are the gasoline fueling today’s offices. From office supply inventory to professional powerpoint presentations, Admin Assistants deftly juggle multiple roles and responsibilities.

Here’s fifteen tips you need to know to be a successful Administrative Assistant. There is a broad general description of what Administrative Assistants do, as well as multiple variations of the job title.

With over nine years experience in offices big and small, I’ve compiled a list of what I think are:

The Top 15 Things You Should Know About Being An Administrative Assistant:

1. Reception Management: You’ll be screening phone calls, greeting clients, visitors, and vendors. The primary goal is to be the ‘first impression’ of your company to all who call or come in. A professional appearance and pleasant phone voice are expected. Second, minimize interruptions and deflect whomever/whatever your boss doesn’t want to deal with right now. Take accurate, detailed messages that allow your boss to save time when he calls the person back.

2. Coffee Management: You’ll be making coffee every day, all day, for everyone. And you’ll be responsible for keeping the coffee station stocked and clean.

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