The prospects for soon-to-graduate accounting and finance professionals seem to be looking up.

Hiring of new college graduates is expected to rise 13 percent this year, according to the “Job Outlook 2013” survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers. Moreover, the association singled out finance as the degree most in demand, and accounting ranked third.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that finding the job you want will be a breeze. It’s still a tough market. Employers continue to be careful to select candidates who have the precise skills they need and are a good fit with their corporate culture. So if you’re looking to secure your first post-college job, you’ll still need to put your best foot forward.

Review the following checklist to ensure you’re ready to make a successful transition from the collegiate to the corporate world:

You look the part. Whether it seems fair or not, prospective employers will form an immediate impression of you based on your appearance. If you don’t want to be disqualified at first glance, you need to look professional and polished.

If you haven’t yet bought a nice suit or outfit for interviewing, consider doing so. In addition, make sure your shoes are shined and office-appropriate. Don’t overlook other aspects of grooming, either. Err on the conservative side when it comes to hair, makeup and jewelry.

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