What is an executive assistant? These professionals provide administrative, clerical, and logistical support for executives and upper management team members. They share some of the responsibilities of administrative assistants, but they focus more acutely on meeting the needs of one particular executive in a company.

As the executive’s right-hand man or woman, the executive assistant learns to anticipate his or her employer’s needs to improve productivity and to create a well-designed workday. The specific job duties and responsibilities vary depending on the size of the company and the executive with whom the assistant works, but the executive assistant job description typically revolves around scheduling, organizing, managing, and customizing an office.

However, don’t mistake these professionals for the stereotypical secretaries often featured in ’60s sitcoms. An executive assistant must prove competent, engaging, educated, and forward-thinking to excel in this career choice. In fact, many executive assistants supervise other professionals in the office, so this position can carry significant responsibility.

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