So you’ve submitted your resume for a position.  You are waiting patiently by the phone for someone to call and continuously refreshing your email to see if you’ve received a response.   When you finally have the opportunity to have that initial phone call that you’ve been waiting for, be prepared – the person on the other side of that call is your ticket to the next step, and quite possibly future opportunities.  First impressions matter the most in this case.  Here are some things to remember.

First, when you submit your resume for a position, make sure the email address on your resume is professional.  Some people forget this part, but a lot of times this is the first thing someone will notice when they decide to contact you.  If your email address is, you may not be giving the best impression right off the bat.  The safest thing to do is to create an email address that you use strictly for applying to jobs, whether it is,, or some other combination.  Just make sure it is professional and not easily misspelled.

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