Make the most out of your first networking event by following these simple steps.

Like most things, networking events get easier with practice. However, that’s hardly useful advice when you’ve never been to a networking even before. And though it may take some time for you to get used to networking, that doesn’t mean you can’t hit the ground running.

Here are 6 keys to making the most out of your first networking event.

1. Know why you’re there

Many people find aimlessly wandering around networking events wondering, “What am I even doing here?” In truth, this is actually a good question – but one best asked and answered well before the event begins.

When you decide to attend a networking event, set realistically obtainable goals for yourself in advance. In this case, “get a new job” is not a realistically obtainable goal – there are too many factors that are out of your control. A better goal would be to introduce yourself to 5 new people.

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