Don’t just make recruiters work for you — work with them!

Whether you’re about to start a new job search, or you’re a passive job seeker who likes to keep tabs on potential opportunities, a recruiter can be a valuable ally.

Recruiters can enhance your job search by helping you broaden your network, providing job leads you wouldn’t otherwise hear about and offering background on prospective employers. In addition, recruiters are an excellent source of career guidance and information. They can offer interview tips, salary data, résumé advice and other suggestions to help you improve your marketability. And once an employer makes an offer, the recruiter becomes a valuable go-between in helping you and the prospective employer reach a mutually satisfying agreement.

But getting noticed by a recruiter for the right reasons is key. Regardless of the type of relationship you’re looking to forge with a recruiter, here are some guidelines that will earn you a place on a recruiter’s go-to list:

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