CareerBuilder’s Job Competition Snapshot provides insight into the chances of being called by an employer based on how you stack up against the competition.

It’s a buyer’s market out there, but job seekers still have stiff competition, with a plethora of other interviewers reaching for the same goal and the same career aspirations as they are. What do those other candidates bring to the table? CareerBuilder lets you know what you’re up against.

CareerBuilder’s Job Competition Snapshot aggregates user-generated information from all applicants for a particular job listing, protecting the privacy of each applicant. Every job listing on CareerBuilder’s site enables job seekers to sign in and instantly view:

  • The number of candidates who applied to the position
  • The average years of experience candidates have
  • The average level of education candidates have

Those who apply to the job can immediately see more in-depth insights from a hiring status report, called Hire Insider. The report includes information on:

  • Applications that have been viewed so far
  • The number of applicants who are currently employed
  • The number of applicants who attached a cover letter
  • Top college majors of applicants
  • A more detailed breakdown of applicants’ years of experience
  • States where applicants live
  • Average current salaries of applicants
  • Average salaries of those with the highest degrees

What will it take to get the job?
CareerBuilder has also created 300 Career Details pages, which provide insights on skills needed, educational advice and relevant salary data for specific job titles. Job seekers can receive job alerts for the occupation they’re viewing for a particular location, see top pay by location, check related job searches and gain insider tips (see example here). Job seekers can find all of the Career Pages under the “Browse Jobs” header on the CareerBuilder homepage.

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