RightSkill provides job seekers with unique learning experiences that prepare them for in-demand careers.

David M. held a variety of jobs – from selling World Book Encyclopedia to selling cars and even working as a defense contractor at White Sands Missile Range – before retiring in 2013. But like many Americans, after retirement, David decided to return to the workforce to supplement his income.

“So basically I really hadn’t been working at all, and I was looking for something that would allow me a lot of freedom but would generate a little income,” said David. “The Social Security check is nice, I mean it’s a pretty decent check, but, still own a home, still paying a mortgage, still want to buy stuff.”

While applying to jobs, David learned about RightSkill, a partnership between CareerBuilder and Capella Learning Solutions, which, upon successful completion of an online learning experience, would facilitate job interviews with local employers who were actively hiring.

We talked with David to learn more about his experience in the RightSkill program and how others can take advantage of the benefits it offers.

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