Technology advancements have been changing the way humans work and live since the dawn of humanity, but lately it seems like it’s advancing faster than ever. So how can you make sure you don’t get left in the dust? These are the hard and soft skills you’ll need if you want to make it in the future workforce.

It’s possible that many of the jobs that will be most prevalent in the future don’t even exist yet. And while no one can predict the future, an employee who is able to recognize trends and adapt to new situations has a great chance of thriving in the ever-changing employment landscape.

“Employees will continue to need to develop mental agility, to be able to be nimble and be able to adjust to the one constant variable that will continue to be inevitable: change,” says Dr. Kristen Lee, lead faculty for Behavioral Science at Northeastern University in Boston. “The big discovery of modern day psychology is that we often make erroneous judgments, thus critical, reflective thinking is needed to maintain mental agility to rethink decisions and remain innovative and ready to see opportunities in creative ways. Rigid thinking doesn’t have a place now, and will not in upcoming jobs either.”

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