What is Your Greatest Strength? Interview Answer

“What are your greatest strengths?” is one of the most common questions asked by an employer or human resources professional during a job interview. Ensure you are fully prepared to answer this question and its subsequent follow up questions because if you can’t think of an answer, you might not be on the receiving end of a job offer.

There is no right or wrong answer to this question per se, the interviewer more or less just wants to see how well you can express yourself, and will be looking for confidence in your delivery. They will definitely not be overly impressed if you sit there for 30 seconds saying “ummm” over and over

If you have strengths that you are aware of, be sure to point them out during the interview. Just remember that the person conducting the interview will also want to know how you have applied those strengths to benefit your employer, so you will want to think of examples before hand.

Success Tip: Be confident, but not boastful, when answering the question!

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