Tips for effectively researching a company before you are asked in to interview & the things you should bring with you to wow a hiring manager.

So you have made it to the interview. Congratulations! Obviously you have already impressed the employer &mdash on paper. Now it is time to impress them face-to-face, and that means bringing your A game, or maybe your A+ game.

Preparing for the interview is the very first step in the right direction towards success. Bringing your résumé and references are safe starting points, but you may not realize that there are other tools that will help you stand out. So what should job seekers bring to an interview, exactly? Here are five things that can make a difference in today’s job market.

1. The “Brag Book”

Scott Brent, a surgical sales representative and interviewing expert believes that the age of strict résumé and references are gone and job seekers should look to other outlets when impressing an interviewer.

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