Administrative assistants, secretaries, and other administrative professionals learn a number of skills that are easily transferable to many roles. No matter what type of career you want to pursue, the following six skills will help you succeed.

Don’t underplay your administrative skills when you go for your next job interview. Regardless of your intended career path, any prospective employer will see your administrative skills as desirable assets.

Efficient Typing Skills

All types of administrative professionals will spend much of their time typing at their keyboards. Whether they’ve taken professional typing courses or not, they’ll likely find their speed and accuracy improving over time. With computers found in almost every workplace, typing skills have become more important in every industry.

Computer programmers, medical transcriptionists, and stenographers rely heavily on typing skills, but you’ll find any prospective employer will assume you have the proper typing skills. The faster you can accurately type, the more productive you will be in most workplaces.

Strong Software Competency Skills

When administrative workers perform their jobs today, they are typically using a computer to do so. As a result, administrative employees typically have good software competency skills.

Administrative assistants and secretaries spend much time using office productivity programs including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and other programs in the Microsoft Office suite. Administrative managers use these programs and project management tools that include Microsoft Project and SharePoint.


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