Here’s some advice to help you prepare for open enrollment season and score a benefits package that’s ideal for your needs.

It’s open enrollment season, and if you receive benefits from your employer, you’re probably wading through stacks of benefits paperwork. Yet, not all employees feel armed with the knowledge to make these decisions, leading some to miss the benefits election deadline.

According to new CareerBuilder research, 12 percent of employees are not aware of all of the benefits their company has to offer, and 23 percent say they don’t fully understand all of the benefits provided by their organization. What’s more, almost 1 in 10 employees say they’ve missed benefits open enrollment at their company altogether.

Breaking it down by industry, employees in leisure and hospitality were the most likely to have missed open enrollment for benefits (17 percent), followed by sales (14 percent) and retail (10 percent).

Looking at results by age, 26 percent of workers ages 18-34 failed to enroll for benefits at their organization, compared with 22 percent of workers ages 35-plus.

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