1512152101568072-holiday_job_search_rlrIt is holiday time, and people are engrossed in shopping, meals, parties, and planning. It feels as though the world has stopped, but don’t use this as an excuse to put off your job search. You can leverage the holiday spirit to your advantage!


Let me explain. People seem to be happier and more social around the holidays. Individuals tend to be more charitable and willing to help others. BREATHE IN…. you can feel generosity in the air! It is a common belief that individuals equate the holiday season to an inopportune time to apply for jobs. Well, change that mindset! Now is a great time to job search and benefit from your competitions’ slacking.

Applying for jobs now means you are contending with a lot fewer applicants. The odds of landing that interview and showing them that you are the most qualified candidate increases dramatically. Employers are not inundated with the usual number of job applicants and therefore, will more than likely give your resume a longer look. The closer look is especially helpful if you are a candidate that meets most (but not all) of the requirements of the position.