Are you ready for what employers will be expecting? Or will you be surprised by their questions?

When you land a job interview, you know that you should go in prepared. But what, exactly, does that mean? Aside from practicing answers to questions about your qualifications and past job experience, picking out an outfit to wear and planning a reliable route to get there on time, there’s another key area that you should be sure to prepare for.

Job seekers often make the critical mistake of only focusing on themselves during their interview preparation, but really, the employer will expect you to come in knowing about the company, its way of operating business and the role that you would have there. You may have some questions to ask, which is good for an interview, but you should also already have solid background knowledge of the company you may be agreeing to work for.

So what do employers expect you to know, coming into the interview? Here’s what hiring managers had to say, and be sure to watch the video to get the complete list.

  • If the company’s gone through a major change, like an acquisition or a new CEO
  • Press releases or anything in the news
  • The company, the industry, key competitors
  • Who their core customers are
  • The actual job you’re applying for
  • Backgrounds of the people you’re interviewing with