Sending Phone Interview Thank You Letters and Email Messages

When you are interviewed for a job over the phone, it’s important to follow up with a thank you letter or thank you email message, just as you would after a face-to-face interview. Often employers will do their first round of candidate interviews by phone. Typically, the human resources manager may contact you to set up a phone appointment.

During this scheduled phone interview, you will be asked a series of questions about your job experience, training / education, and your understanding of what the position might entail.

Because they will be interviewing many candidates at this point, sending a thank you note immediately after your conversation will remind the interviewer of your talk, keep you “top of mind,” reiterate the expertise and skills you would be bringing to the job, and will also help to set you apart from the competition.

Take Notes During the Interview

During the interview, make sure that you have a pen and paper on hand so that you can take notes of the questions you were asked, of your responses, and of information the interviewer provided about the employer and their expectations. As the interview closes, thank the interviewer for his or time. Ask what the next step in the hiring process will be and offer to provide any additional information that might help them in making their hiring decision.