Young people are falling in love with Des Moines. Once you see why, you might want to join them.

By Clara Hogan on January 5, 2018 10:47 AM

Iowa’s capital city has been undergoing a quiet renaissance. After a decade of concerted efforts to revitalize its historic downtown, build new housing, attract a younger workforce, and enhance its dining, arts and music scenes, it’s fair to say Des Moines is now one of the most exciting — and underrated — cities in America.

That’s right: Des Moines is now cool, even if most of the country doesn’t know it or won’t believe it. But a visit to the city will prove that it has a new energy, from packed concerts at the Des Moines Social Club, bustling restaurants curated by up-and-coming chefs, or a slew of trendy new bars and coffee shops. The city has built new momentum from the ground-up, with collaborations among public officials, corporations, investors, and entrepreneurs, with the deliberate aim to attract millennials.

And it’s working — new census data show Des Moines is now the fastest growing city in the Midwest.

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