Even though introverts approach career networking and job searching with trepidation and interviewing can put them into a panic, employers actually seek many of the characteristics introverts have.

Introverts are good listeners and listening skills are prized in the workplace. Introverts are also thoughtful and analytical. They don’t seek the limelight, and that can be a good thing. A company doesn’t need an office full of superstars who all want recognition for their accomplishments.

The trick though, if you’re an introvert, is to survive doing what doesn’t come naturally, and to learn how to make assets out of the qualities you have. There are ways to network without getting overwhelmed and wanting to run out of the room as fast as you can.

There are strategies for making interviews as stress-free as possible. You can find jobs that are a good match for your personality and skill set so you can more easily transition to a new job and fit in comfortably at your workplace.

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