Job searching can feel very regimented: There are guidelines for resume and cover letter formats that extend down to the smallest details, such as your font choice. Once you make it to the interview stage, there’s an expectation that you’ll have prepared answers to common interview questions.

No wonder job search documents can become repetitive and formulaic, and interview answers may sound over-rehearsed.

Preparation and following job search norms are essential. But that doesn’t mean that your application materials and interview answers should be stripped of all personality. Sharing fun facts about yourself distinguishes you from the crowd, and can make you a stronger, more appealing candidate.

The Value of Fun Facts in Your Job Search

Say you perform as a stand-up comedian on weekends — sharing that detail lets employers know you’re quick-witted and comfortable in front of a crowd. That’s a useful skill for any job that requires public speaking. Even a hobby of building model trains on the weekend can showcase patience for details.

Fun facts are a path to sharing relevant abilities and transferable skills. Mentioning them also helps transition interviews from a question-and-answer format to something a bit more conversational. Fun facts can give employers a sense of your full self (beyond your in-office persona).

Direct managers and co-workers are often particularly eager to get a sense of what candidates are like both in the cubicle and also at client dinners, late nights at the office, or early morning coffee runs.