Excelling at a job requires more than just showing up and doing what you’re told. If you’re looking to take your career to the next level — whether you’re trying to get a raise or just impress your team — you’ll want to be mindful of how to stand out at work. It’s obvious that you should show up on time, be polite, and get your tasks done efficiently, but there are a number of more unexpected habits that can really help you shine.

Standing out at work, albeit in a positive manner, is how your career gets traction,” career coach Carlota Zimmerman tells Bustle. “If you’re ambitious, even if you’re not a 100 percent sure where your ambition is taking you, you still want management to be keeping an eye on you, in the best possible way. You want management to be hearing stories about your drive, your hustle, the way you come in early and stay late, your teamwork and, in general, how you add value to the company.”

While you may already be exhibiting all of these qualities, getting them noticed by your boss is half the battle. Here are seven habits to engage in that can help you stand out at work.

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