If you’re stuck in the unenviable position of looking for work, taking steps to make yourself a more well-rounded, qualified, marketable candidate is always a good move. 

Typically, advice along those lines involves going back to school, learning a trade, or even entering an entirely new career at the bottom of the ladder. All good advice, depending on one’s situation.

But what if you could make yourself a more viable candidate without doing any of those things? What if you could simply pay attention to a few small details and, as a result, differentiate yourself from a significant percentage of the competition, and maybe land that interview while others don’t even make it through the door? 

That’s exactly what Technical Recruiter Paul Farrior thinks, and he’s got the experience to back up his claims. Paul got his start with AtWork Professional (our direct hire division) three years ago after college, and since then he’s placed hundreds of candidates all along the skill spectrum, from entry level machine operators to machine maintenance to IT, engineering, HR, and marketing professionals. 

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