Dry mouth. Shaky knees. Sweaty palms. Butterflies in your stomach. They’re all a part of your job search. And, nobody can really blame you. There’s definitely a fair share of fear, stress, and anxiety that come along with hunting for a new gig. With endless applications, the anticipation of rejection, and—gasp!—those daunting interviews, an element of fear in your job search is understandable.

However, the important part is to not let that uncertainty and intimidation slow you down. You need to continue to power through and stay positive, despite that nauseous feeling that creeps in every now and then.

But, how? How can you stifle those fearful feelings and keep moving forward? After all, that’s the tough part, right? Yes, ignoring the knots in your stomach and those pesky thoughts of self-doubt can be a challenge. But, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible! Put these four tips to use, and you’ll be sure to banish fear from your job search—or, at the very least, diminish it!

1. Understand What You’re Afraid Of

It’s hard to fix a problem until you identify exactly what it is. And, unfortunately, there can be a ton of different fears related to the job search process. Perhaps you’re terrified of saying something ridiculous in an interview. Or, maybe you’re intimidated by putting yourself out there for new, challenging opportunities. Perhaps even the mere thought of rejection is enough to have you shaking in your boots.

Take some time to think through what exact parts of your job search have you feeling anxious and afraid. Then, once you’ve identified the root problem, you’ll be able to take steps to resolve the issue.

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