Whether it’s dealing with job seekers who lie on resumes, slow or delayed hiring processes because company leadership is delaying key decisions, or managing employee complaints about top managers, recruiters deal with a lot on a daily basis.

Every job and industry has quirks. Recruiters deal with quirky candidates and other issues every day. They develop pet peeves over time, peeves that cause unnecessary headaches.

What are some top pet peeves within the recruiting industry? Recruiters from across the country discuss below:

Christy Nichols, a Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant, offered these pet peeves:

Picture on Resume
“I often cringe when people put their profile picture on their resume,” says Nichols. “I know that sometimes this is due to cultural trend in countries other than in the U.S., but I often see U.S.-based candidates doing this.”

This opens up a host of issues for recruiters because now the candidate has exposed their gender and their race, says Nichols.

“I don’t really care what a person looks like, I care about their skill and fit for the job I’m trying to fill,” says Nichols. “Keep pictures of any kind off of your resume.”

Candidates Changing Salary Requirements
Another pet peeve is when candidates change their salary requirement at the offer stage, says Nichols.

Most recruiters, Nichols included, document compensation range with the candidate during an initial phone conversation. They pay very close attention to it and make sure the person would fit, otherwise the conversation and recruiting would end.

“It always astounds me that candidates don’t think that I wouldn’t be taking notes and that I’d somehow forget their salary requirements,” says Nichols.  “Not only does it bring up some concerns about trust in the candidate, it puts me in a rather difficult situation with my hiring manager or client. Be transparent at all times with your recruiter – this isn’t a game.”

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