You have a job interview scheduled, but you’re sick, your car won’t start, you’re stuck in a storm, or you simply can’t make it. What should you do? We all know how important in-person interviews are, but there are circumstances that arise that can require you to reschedule even the most vital job interview.

Interviewers don’t want to meet with sick candidates, so definitely think about rescheduling if you are ill.

If you’re not sure you can get there for any reason, it’s better to try to reschedule in advance than to call from the road when you slipped off into a ditch during a snowstorm, or you are on your way to the hospital with a sick child. There are appropriate ways to reschedule a job interview so you still have a chance of getting hired, even though you can’t make your scheduled interview.

If You Are Ill

Showing up for a job interview when you are sick is going to worry the interviewer, not impress them. If you have any respiratory or flu-like symptoms, including a cough, runny nose, stuffy nose, or a sore throat do both yourself and the hiring manager a favor and stay home.

You will be spreading unwanted germs, and besides that, you are not going to interview well if you’re sick. Your judgment may be called into question as well. Do they really want to hire someone who is willing to put their colleagues at risk?

Valid Reasons for Rescheduling an Interview

There are other reasons besides illness that necessitate rescheduling an interview. Most companies understand that circumstances come up, such as a sick family member, a scheduling conflict, car troubles, or any one of a number of other reasons. It’s a good idea to be truthful of the reason you need to reschedule, so make sure it’s a valid reason.

If you’re rescheduling because you scored an interview for a job you’re more interested in, maybe you should consider canceling rather than leave them waiting. You never know if you might be meeting with the interviewer’s sister-in-law at the other company, and your deception could get back to them. It’s better to be honest than to be caught in a lie.

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